About the Nocturn

This page outlines the awesome features of the ZPM Nocturn. To pre-order your very own, go here.

Why Re-Engineer Coffee?

They say coffee is the single most complex food or beverage we consume. A huge number of variables affect the quality of the espresso that ends up in your cup, from bean origin to brew temperature.

So why is the only feature on most consumer espresso machines a power switch?

The ZPM Nocturn is the first and only consumer espresso machine to offer high-end features at a consumer-friendly price.

PID’d to Perfection

In espresso, consistency is everything. Precise temperature and pressure control is the only way to get you from golden grind to perfect shot. But this is where home espresso machines lag behind their commercial counterparts.

Enter PID control. In contrast to the imprecise mechanical controls of most home machines - which produce wild swings around the target brew temperature - PID controls keep the brew temperature much closer to a programmed target. This means enhanced repeatability.

This is also the first machine to extend PID control to pressure as well, giving you exceptional consistency in both flow rate and temperature.

The Thermoblock, Rethought

Thermoblocks have long been the hallmark of cheap machines. Underpowered and under-engineered, thermoblock espresso machines have been plagued by an inability to heat quickly enough and a tendency to break down fast.

But thermoblocks have a lot of great qualities, too. They heat up faster than large brass or stainless steel boilers. They’re easier to control when you want to ramp temperature up or down. And, because they heat water on the fly, you can pull shot after shot through them - they’re not limited to a few ounces pre-heated in a boiler. (And don’t forget, eliminating several pounds of brass, copper or SS from the machine shaves hundreds off that bottom line.)

We took the t-block back to the drawing board. By beefing up the design (including an espresso-specific water path and a whopping 1200W heating element) and applying refined digital controls, we’ve been able to rehabilitate the thermoblock into a productive member of the espresso-making community.

Pro Tools, Simple Package

The pros have been playing around with temperature and pressure profiling for years, refining their caffeinated alchemy, while the talents of the world’s home baristas have languished. We’ve created a sophisticated user interface that is intuitive and easy to use, no matter what your brewmaster goals.

With programmable, downloadable and sharable profiles, you can download the expert-recommended brew settings for your favorite bean, or make your own and upload them for others to try.

No matter your skill level, the Nocturn is your go-to for a quick and easy cup or hours of profiling fun!

Open-Source In Your Cup

That’s right, we’re letting it all hang out. Board designs and source code will be available for anyone who has the chops and a plan. Our machine uses an NXP LCP1788 processor, a USB port and SD card port, and any unused I/Os will be broken out.